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CORNER 150/51 
Hot air two-sided fireplace insert with open/lifting door

Hot air transfer options:

1. Natural Flow


External dimensions: 1490x570x1490mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 343 kg

2. Ventilation kit

code: C150-51-SK

External dimensions: 1530x615x1490mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 369 kg

Energy efficiency

Energy class: Α+

Rated power: 14,9 Kw

Combustion performance: 8,0-16,0Kw

Energy efficiency: 77,2 %

Average wood consumption: 5,1 kg/h

Exhaust gas outlet diameter: Ø250

Central air supply: Ø150

Technical manual pdf ›

Declaration of performance pdf ›

Energy label jpg ›

Manual pdf ›



● two sided glass with right and left version

● large corner glass that allows you to enjoy the fire in a unique way

● clean minimal lines according to the requirements of modern design

● silent lift door mechanism in stainless steel guides for smooth and silent scrolling while on its lowering it presses inwards for airtight closure

● stable rolling of the door on the guides

● chamber without grate

● combustion chamber lined with 1800°C Thermomax refractory plates

● adjustment of primary and secondary intake air, with a single lever

● special system of exhaust delay

● air supply in three places

● two hot air transfer options with 1. Ventilation kit, 2. Natural flow

● central air intake

● complies with the following standards: EN 13 229, 2015/1186, EcoDesign 2022

● mechanical exhaust regulation

● access to all mechanical and electrical parts inside the hearth



● large thermal metal surface
● large capacity container for preheating air as a result have great autonomy in oxygen preheating
● accept a large amount of air which they convert into heat, resulting in better cleaning of the glass from the slots in the air curtain
● have large heat exchangers to convert cold into hot air
● have two exhaust diversions + the damper total of three
● access to all mechanical and electrical parts of the hearth through visiting openings for any damage that may occur over the years and to perform operations without having to spoil any decoration that has been done outside the hearth


Agios Athanasios
57003 Thessaloniki, Greece
+30 2310 788283

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